2016 Summer Season WACSA Seminar

2016 Summer Season WACSA Seminar


Wednesday, 20 January 2016 Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm


tba Curtin University Bentley, WA 6102 Australia

Our distinguished Guest Speakers

Prof Hui-Ming Cheng

Academia, Chinese Academic of Sciences
Institute of Metal Research, Shenyang, China

Synthesis and Application of Graphene

Prof Zheng-Xiang Li

John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Australian Laureate Fellow Curtin University

How the Earth Engine Works – from the Crust to the Core

Free admission, light refreshment will be provided

About the Speakers

Prof Hui-Ming Cheng

成会明,中国科学院金属研究所研究员、中国科学院院士、发展中国家科学院院士。 主要从事先进碳材料的研究。提出了浮动催化剂化学气相沉积、非金属催化剂化学 气相沉积制备碳纳米管等方法,促进了碳纳米管的研究与应用。提出了模板导向化 学气相沉积等方法,制备出石墨烯三维网络结构材料、毫米级单晶石墨烯,发展了 石墨烯材料的宏量制备技术。提出了可高效储能与转化的层次孔材料设计、电化学 电位调控、晶面调控等方法,制备出一系列新型能量转化与储存材料。研制出块体 各向同性热解石墨材料,批量应用于多项重点工程。迄今已获得发明专利数十项, 发表学术论文近 500 篇,被引用 36000 多次(H 因子 87),是汤森路透集团公布的
高引用科学家之一。曾获国家自然科学二等奖、国防科技进步二等奖、何梁何利科学与技术进步奖、美 国碳学会 Charles E. Pettinos 奖、德国 SGL 集团 Felcht 奖等。曾任《Carbon》副主编、《新型炭材料》
主编,现任《Energy Storage Materials》主编、《Science China Materials》副主编。

Prof Zheng-Xiang Li

Professor Li’s research involves how Earth evolved and how it works, with research interests including palaeomagnetism, regional (Australia and Asia) to global tectonics, and geodynamics. He received his BSc in seismological geology from Peking University in 1982, and a PhD on palaeomagnetism and tectonics from Macquarie University in 1989. During his time at the University of Western Australia from 1990 until 2006, he received an ARC QEII Fellowship, was a Co-Leader of the successful UNESCI-IUGS sponsored IGCP
project No. 440, acted as the Deputy Director of the ARC-funded Tectonics Special Research Centre, and rose to Senior Principle Research Fellow/Professor.
Li joined Curtin University in 2007. He is currently a Co-Leader of IGCP project No. 648 (http://geodynamics.curtin.edu.au), a Co-Director of the Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Tectonics and Earth Resources (http://tectonics.curtin.edu.au/), and a key member of The Institute for Geoscience Research (http://tiger.curtin.edu.au/) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems (http://www.ccfs.mq.edu.au/Participants/Participants.html). He is a Thomas Reuters Highly Cited Researcher (2014 & 2015), and an elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America. He was awarded an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship in 2015.

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