Opportunities for Australia-China Science, technology and innovation

China is the Australia largest trading partner, import and export market. Each year Australia attract many Chinese students and Investors looking for opportunity. With the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between Australia and China, overwhelming cooperation in area of culture, technology and education has seen. Free trading agreement with ‘One Belt, One Road’ economic strategy from China makes Western Australia a great place for investment opportunity.


The beautiful Australia can be name for home of innovation. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) calculation, innovation stimulates over 50 per cent economic growth and long term economic return more than 100 percent. Australia has a world leading level of research, area including biomedical science, infrastructure, environmental protection, marine and earth science, energy science, agricultural and food science and many more.


Australia have many quality research. In 2015 Australia owns 3.9 percent of research paper production, ranking 9th in the world. Among top one percent highly cited papers in the world, Australia dominates 7 per cent. With only 24 million population Australia has 12 Nobel Prize winners and 39 universities ranked within top 400 universities in the world.


Western Australia is rich in natural resources, such as iron, gold, nickel and nature gas. By having nearly one third of total land area but only one tenth of population, 70 per cent of agricultural output to china showing the strong bond between the two countries. Perth and Beijing being the same time zone makes great convenience for communication.


Western Australia surpasses other states in per capita innovation and leading research expenditure. Many research fields stay at the top and an advantaged condition of research and industrialization. Recently, Western Australia and China have been setting up more close relationship in research field. According to Thomson Reuters’, there are 10 per cent of academic publication of the University of Western Australia is produced by collaborating with China during the past three years.


Currently, Western Australia is confronting economic growth transformation. Education, science and innovation being the new pillars of economy by state government and international cooperation are to be encouraged. The first Australia-China Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation of science (ACCSTI2017) is to tighten connection between Australia and China. The goal of this conference is to stimulate research cooperation opportunity. There will be more than 200 professional researchers, entrepreneurs and government officer attend the conference. The conference will be also divided into six Forums including Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure; Medical Science and Public Health, Clean Energy, Agriculture and Food, Policy, Business and Entrepreneurship, and Young Professionals. The Conference topics include but not limited to:

Forum on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure

  • Advanced Construction Materials
  • Industrialized Construction Method
  • Underground Space Development
  • Big Data based Urban Planning and Design
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Disaster Prevention and Control
  • Extreme Loading

Forum on Medical Science and Public Health

  • Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
  • Genetics and Precision Medicine
  • Diagnostic and Laboratory Medicine
  • Translational Medicine
  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine
  • Nutrition and Food Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety

Forum on Clean Energy

  • Batteries and electric vehicles
  • Fuel cells, supercapacitors and energy storage
  • Hydrogen generation, CO2 conversion and renewable fuels
  • Fundamental electrochemistry and advanced materials

Forum on Agricultural and Food Sciences

  • Crop, Horticulture and Pasture Science
  • Transgenic plants and gene editing
  • Animal Science
  • Veterinary Parasitology
  • Omics (genomics, proteomics or metabolomics)
  • Biosecurity and Food Safety

Forum on Policy, Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Economics & Economic Policy;
  • Consumers, Markets, Cultures & Decision-making
  • Tourism & Sustainable Development
  • New Product Development & Commercialization

Finance, Accounting & Management

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