WACSA Begins New Age

WACSA Begins New Age

The new WACSA committee (2015-2017) has been formed:


Dr. Guowei Ma(UWA)

Vice President:

Dr. Sanping Jiang(Curtin)
Dr. Le Jian(Health Department,WA)
Dr. Fang Liu(UWA)

Chief Financial Officer:

Dr. Cecilia Xia (Curtin)


Dr. Meimei Zhang(Rio Tinto)

Executive Committee:

Dr. Dong Wang(UWA)
Dr. Jiawen Li(UWA)
Dr. Shaomin Liu(Curtin)
Dr. Kaiming Bi(Curtin)
Dr. Jian Liu(Curtin)
Dr. Wujun Ma(Murdoch)
Dr. Shaofang Wang
Dr. Lihong Shi

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